Current season

About the possibility of an island.

Season XXVIII - 2023

“What beings exist on the desert island? The only answer is that man already exists there, but a strange man, absolutely separate, absolutely creative, in short an Idea of man, a prototype, a man who would almost be a god, a woman who would almost be a goddess, a great Amnesiac, a pure Artist. Consciousness of the earth and the ocean, that is the desert island, ready to restart the world.”


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Other seasons

On the possibility of the wild.

Season XXVII - 2022

Everything must be explained. Everything must be prevented. Everything is offensive. Everything is forbidden. “Life is forbidden” (as a poem by Rodrigo García Marina says). As a reaction to this fact, this season arises, which aims to return to the ritual, to vindicate nature, and to invoke, from the sound ritual, the wild.

On what is not seen.

Season XXVI - 2021

This new season of the OCAZEnigma aims to be a journey through the fascination of sound creation, past and future, in all its breadth.

A programme that looks and sounds in many directions, but with a clear destination: the unseen.