Pedagogical and Family Concerts

Since its beginnings, the OCAZEnigma has been carrying out an important didactic work among young people in Zaragoza. The Pedagogical Concerts and Family Concerts bring together more than 7500 schoolchildren around music every year.

Throughout its history, the OCAZEnigma has performed numerous educational concerts, collaborating with teachers and educators, as well as with other artistic and performing disciplines, such as dance, literature, puppet theatre and even magic, to design concerts aimed at disseminating and promoting music among schoolchildren and family audiences.

“Ravel and his amazing friends”, “The Carnival of the animals”, “Once upon a time the string orchestra”, or “The story of Babar”, are some of the educational projects that the OCAZEnigma has promoted in recent years.

Come back to enjoy some of our educational concerts

El Retablo de Maese Pedro

Together with the Titiriteros de Binéfar, the OCAZEnigma presented in 2010 one of Manuel de Falla’s greatest works, El Retablo de Maese Pedro. Inspired by Don Quixote, Falla created one of the fundamental scores of 20th century Spanish music. This production presents the work in its original conception, with puppets performing the work alongside the music.

Maurice "the musician" and his impressionist friends

The OCAZEnigma dedicated the 2014 Pedagogical Concerts and the Family Concert to the figure of Maurice Ravel and the French impressionist movement. With the suggestive title of “Maurice Ravel and his impressive friends”, a didactic journey through some of the best-known pages of the period is proposed. Works by Ravel, Debussy, Fauré, Offenbach and Delibes. In this production the OCAZEnigma was accompanied by Jorge Nicolás Manrique and Víctor Manuel de San Martín.

The Carnival of the Animals

Saint-Saëns’ famous score was used in 2015 to showcase the orchestra’s instruments. The cello that transforms into a swan; the elephant in the form of a double bass; combined with turtles, an aquarium and even fossils. For this production the OCAZEnigma was again accompanied by Jorge Nicolás Manrique as presenter.