The Portico Project

The Portico Project is the Zaragoza Auditorium Chamber Orchestra –“Enigma Group’s”– recording, publishing and promotion of contemporary Spanish music platform, one of the most extensive catalogue and recording collections in Spain.

In homage to the spirit and work of the group of painters Grupo Pórtico, pioneers of the abstract and informalist Spanish painting that blossomed in Zaragoza in 1947, the OCAZEnigma has decided to publish a large part of its recording catalogue and make it available to the public, thus transferring its constant support of contemporary music to the digital world.

The project is made up of two parts: the first is focused on recordings of instrumental music and the other on electronic and multimedia pieces. A catalogue of all the commissions and premieres by the OCAZEnigma since its founding can be found for both sets.

A gateway to the variety and diversity of Spanish musical creation, where, through the work of the OCAZEnigma, past and future meet.



Commissions and premieres

The complete registry of the works commissioned and premiered by the group since 1995 to date (work in progress).


Spanish instrumental music

Publication of OCAZEnigma’s recordings.


Electronic and multimedia music

Publication of purely electronic or multimedia works.