Enigma Platform

The OCAZEnigma, in collaboration with the Zaragoza Auditorium and the Higher School of Music of Aragon (CSMA), has launched the ENIGMA PLATFORM, an annual event that aims to sponsor and promote a new chamber ensemble each year, offering young performers the chance to participate, with a concert especially designed by them, within the OCAZEnigma’s and the Zaragoza Auditorium’s season

​This project aims to support young instrumentalists, offering them the opportunity to show their academic work, and above all their own artistic and aesthetic ideas, away from their educational setting. Likewise, this platform hopes to influence young musicians in the need for critical and creative thinking when it comes to designing a concert, a sound research proposal.



  • All members of the ensemble must be currently studying any speciality at the Higher School of Music of Aragon (CSMA).
  • Participating students will not receive any concert fee.
  • Any costs incurred in the use of the hall will be met by the Zaragoza Auditorium.
  • Where required, instruments such as percussion, keyboards, double basses etc. will be provided by the CSMA.
  • The OCAZEnigma will take responsibility for the organization, management and publicity of the concert.

Proposal criteria

Each submission must be based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Reflecting on the idea of what a concert is or could be.
  • Rediscovering forgotten composers or rarely performed works.
  • Designing proposal that encourage a fusion with other art forms (image, technology, literature etc.)


  • Each ensemble may only submit one entry.
  • Newly formed ensembles are welcome to apply.
  • La duración máxima del concierto es libre (mínimo 50 minutos).
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a dossier with the following information:
    • Biography of the ensemble
    • Detailed information on the chosen works and composers
    • An explanation of the concept behind the concert
    • Programme notes (to be included in the concert programme)
    • Technical requirements
    • Attach a high resolution photo of the ensemble
  • Inscription form (available on the OCAZEnigma website) together with:
    • 1 video recording* of the ensemble performing one movement or one piece (send a YouTube, Vimeo or Drive link. Please do not use WeTransfer or similar platforms).

* in the case of newly created ensembles who do not have recordings available, CV’s of each member should be included.

Entry dates

From the 1st to the 30th of November 2023. No entry submitted after the closing date will be admitted.

The concert proposals must be sent as a PDF, together with the entry form to the following email: ocaz.auditorio@zaragozacultural.com


  • The innovation, creativity and quality of the proposal will be taken into account
  • Each proposal will be studied and evaluated by a panel made up of representatives from OCAZEnigma, the Zaragoza Auditorium and the CSMA


The chosen ensemble will be informed and the result will be announced at the presentation of the 2024 season.

The concert will take place preferably on a Monday in June 2024 in the Sala Galve of the Zaragoza Auditorium, at a date to be agreed with the chosen ensemble.